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well now i knew that this discussion thread that ive been yelled at is now

i never said surprime

its a bio so sense its not an actual rpg, im not really controling (well sorta, and if you take it offenively deac, sry), and Irvine travels through from a alternat timeline (the holocuast one) to a time before it forks off, trying to help stop, from the info he was givin

and i did infact cover of when the holocause did happen of twenty years not two, Irvine was much younger when it happened, and he was around 25-27 when it was the events of the holocuast

im sure by the way of holocuast thread started, most of the people who had some force training, either natual or practicing by them selves, so about a few years down the line, yount you expect these people to group together and figure out how to control the force and begin a new form of jedi?

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