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Originally posted by shaolin_blade
I didn't say that was my strategy.

That's what everyone was doing to me. I've played in quite a few ProMod games, and each fight I was in, regardless of the server, all they did was circle me and hit me in the back.
They circled you and hit you in the back? How on earth did they get behind you without you smashing them a few times?

Originally posted by shaolin_blade
Sorry if you don't like my answer, but I've been playing this game since day 1. Save your N00B comments for someone who speaks 12 year-old.
Ok so maybe your not a NOOB, sorry, I didn't realize you had played since day one and somehow you never learned to keep people away from your backside. I was wrong to call you a noob when you obviously are a player that considers attacking your enemies weak side a stupid way of playing, which would make you a bad player, not a noob. My mistake

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