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Now please read the discussion Scarface.

Other problems, you idea on how to explain how your character got a time device can't happen, since it goes against Cracken's nature. He agrees to go after the time matrix so he can get it and change time to what he wants. (read the threads). Now if he had such a device, he would have repaired it and used it. He would not have ignored it.

You also missed the fact that Luke Skywalker is dead in the Cantina thread, so how could he send Jedi on a mission? Speaking of which there are barely any jedi left.

Finally, there is only 1 time traveling device. You need to accept that. And Keiran doesn't want to have cross over characters.

Scarface if you want Irivine in this RPG, then I suggest you make him sperate from the Irvine that appears in the other ones.

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