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Yep, time for a new RPG. I get through so many. Here's the premise. This RPG is set during the galactic civil war, after ANH. Also, Cantina'ers, let's have some new characters. You will notice Deac isn't here.

No Godmoding
No force powers-because all the Jedi are in hiding.
Post your character info in your first post.
Your characters can only start with one weapon.

The Empire has stormed Jolek. The Rebel base has fallen and it's troops are hiding out among the populace. The party are a band of survivors who are hiding out in a cave, waiting for others to come and help them so that they can mount...a resistance

Name: Beler Jil (Him again!)
Rank: Captain, Sniper Corps
Weapon skills: Rifles, sniping
Carrying: Sniper Rifle
Bio: After the Events surrounding his envolvment in the Karathi Guild, Beler joined the sniper corps, and was one of the last to escape the Alliance base.

*He currently sits in the cave, watching several other Alliance troops make their way towards him...*

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