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okay i agree with that whole part on Irvine shoudl be a different character. sry about saying all that i thought this was some sort of cantina thing biography thing, im more used to starting in the middle of the rpg ^_^

but if any logical person would figure that this Irvine can be one of infinate versions of Irvine Cracken, so how he bacame a jedi can happen in any way with or with out the holocuast, hell he could be a dark jedi for all that matters, were dealing with time distortion and alterations in time in the SW universe that brances off into an enless combinations of possibility.
call it a quick way out of getting yelled at, well it is sorta , but still if there was a spot in the time lime where cracken wasnt completey dark, and had some feelings, he'd might think of his son(s) and/or duaghter(s) (which ever Irvine even exsisted in that time line or not), which id say would might explain why Irvine is in cantina 7, I Never said that that Irvine Cracken was the same from then the Bio i gave on this thread nor from Cantina 6 Spinoff
just some of the simular key discriptsions, the duel lightsavber case, his appearence (which was a basic one, no details on scars/birthmarks), and attitude
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