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Irvine: "Would it help if i knew where they'd were building a second Crimson star? I had someone keeping tabs on my father, but i lost contact nearly a week before the holocuast...
You'd think that the Empire wouldnt have needed a second one? Well if one got blown up, what would back that up, but incase that first had been sucessful (and we know it did, with the execption of it getting blown up too), wouldnt a second one be nice to conquer another galaxacy"

*Irvine held back on the info till now, he had his reasons, mainly of which if he could 'trust' these people with the info he had, Irvine still hid some detail, only becuase of his thoughts of Orthos*

__________________________________________________ __

*While at the Imperial meeting*

Council member 1: "Is the Crimson Star 2 project going to be finished now that we have confermed that the building site was not damaged nor effected other then radation leaks from the reactors?"

Council Member 2: "Isnt that classified information?"

Council Member 3: "Yes, but remember each member here has been entrusted with that information, I vote yes on continuing the project!"

Council Member 2: "We never agreed to such voting as of yet. besides we still have to take care of all those who have died of that radation poisoning..."

Council Member 4: "Stop thinking so weak, all those people on Raynor Minor were expedable..."

Council Member 1: "Execpt for the son of the last Dark Lord"

*The Table went into silence*

@deac: I don't care if you use council members ive used...

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