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((The Crimson Star was created by Palpatine and intended for Cracken alone. A second Crimson Star would not be directly related to the first one, just so you know))

*a fifth council member stands up to speak*

Member 5: I move that we put the Crimson Star II project on hold. I don't see its tactical usefulness with most of the galaxy gone.

Also, I would like to point out to the Council that the Crimson Star II is conceptually much weaker and likely less effective than the original, due to the fact that it was being built in much less time than the original. Not to mention that the sources of much of the materials that were being funneled into the project now no longer exist.

*sixth member stands*

Member 6: We must also consider the Vanguard project that Artemis Omicron is waiting to speak to us on...I second the motion for a vote.


Raschel: Oh Force...Orthos...*gets a medkit*

*at Heimdall's ominous words, Marin and Adian glance nervously at each other*

<What have we walked into?>

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