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Alright Scarface Here are the problems Irvine Cracken travelling back in time and fighting the Revenant.

1. He can't travel back with out the time matrix, and Ken'atra has it.

2. Your time streaming device doesn't work since it goes against Cracken's character. If Cracken had access to such a device he wouldn't hesitate to use it.

3. How would Irvine now where to go. The exact time ect. The others are pulled with the time matrix, Irvine isn't. He would have no idea where to go.

4. If he is there to save the future then going back to Ken'atra childhood home doesn't make sense. Irvine would go to the time of the holocaust and try and stop that.

5. Revenant is going after Ken'atra to try and save the galaxy not destroy it.

6. We already know how the Cantina: holocaust thread is supposed to end, it was agreed upon in the discussion thread. Your changing that.

7. You are changing the timing of the RPG as well, it is going to cover 20 years not just a few.

8. Irvine would not know about the Revenant. So he could not go back and stop it.

9. For Irvine to go back in time, it would screw up both rpgs. Let him stay in the holocaust one.

10: It is Impossible for him to know the exact date, time, and planet that the Revenant appears.

Those are only the problems I can think of off the top of my head. There are others I can assure you of that.
Possible sollution:

You create a new character. A jedi who carries 2 lightsabers, he is on Raynor and sense the fear eminanting form the Ken'atra house. He decides to investigate to see Revenant approaching the house. When the android goes after Ken'atra he decides to step in.

This will allow you to have a character with the ablities you want Irvine to have in Cantina 7, not disrupt the rpgs. Give you a little more freedom in developing the character, and solve all the problems listed above.

Finally, personally I don't think you should have Irvine in Cantina 7, as there are to many problems it would create.

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