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While waiting for Hal to respond to, a light begins to flash, inditating a trasnmission form Midgard.

Heimdall: I'll be right back, get me if Hal ever decides to answer.

*he goes into his quaters, and locks the door. Turning on the comm unit, to his surprise Tyr's face appear and not text. This had to be important*

Heimdall: A joy to speak with you in person.

Tyr: The same. your message was important enough to warrant a live transmission. You need to watch the sons of Cracken and Starkiller closely. They could be dangerous to our people.

Heimdall: I agree, I will keep a close watch on them. I also have worse news. There is another Crimson Star being built. We may have to stop it.

Tyr: We are not as strong as we used to be. Yet we still have around 100 Resonance torpedoes left. They were placed on Midgard in the event that we had to move there, and to ensure our saftey.

Heimdall: Good if necessary you can transmite to the galaxy warning of another attack unless the Crimson Star II is destroyed. How are our people doing?

Tyr: Good, Midgard was well set up for our arrival. Many myself included mourn our late lord's death. Vidar has been searching the prophecies for a reason this happened, and if it can be changed.

Heimdall: I too miss the beaty of Asgard. But I must return to the group before they grow suspicious. Good bye.

Tyr: I'll talk to you soon. Keep your eyes open.

*transmission ends, and Heimdall returns to the group*

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