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((We can assume that Flax was out of the room and Heimdall was paging him through the comm, otherwise this is going to get very odd))

Raschel: You'd be the Jedi. I've gotta get Orthos to the medical room, again. *Raschel leaves with Orthos. Marin and Aidan have already slipped off*

Misae: Uhhh...*presses comm unit* I'm the Jedi. Umm, we're waiting on Hal for the coordinates. What do you have to ask me?


*Aidan is in the hallway when he notices that Marin has vanished*

Marin? Marin?

*Marin's voice spoke inside his head. Thought speech*

<Shhh. I'm inside with that guy Heimdall.>

*Aidan couldn't answer, but Marin anticipated his question*

<In his room. I have a...feeling about him.>

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