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*alys sets her com on auto, so she doesn't have to press any damned buttons, and places her Step Fathers CorSec ID card in the holotray, and transmits*

Hi, look, see this ID card? that was my Step Fathers. see, my mother was taken forcibly by someone about 24 years before the Cracken Offensive and the Holocaust, and as result, i was conceived. and she then married that man. He was in CorSec, and this logo, the Hawk with the double bladed lightsaber in it's claws, appears on not only this card, but on the hull of my starfighter. it's odd, because i was raised to believe that none of my family had any force talents, except for this Starfighter, which my uncle said was a relic of the Clone war that a friend of his, Jedi, gave to him when he died.

Stranger yet, look at the bottom of the card, it has co-ordinates for the actual planet of Corellia, which i don't know if it survived the Holocaust. like my step father and my mother wanted me to find something.

And stranger yet, my mom snet me a com from home to goto Coruscant to see my real dad... whom i don't even know, which also coincided with the end of the Cracken Offensive at Coruscant, ya know, that that Crimson Star stopped there. babbled something about him being on it or a Star Destroyer or something, which made NO sense when i got the message. I managed to get into the planetary shield before it went, and before the Stars went nova... granted, i didn't get PAID for that job that i was on.. but that's really non issue.......

anyway, what i'm getting at is, i've had odd premonitions and unexplained hyper reflexes for my entire life, and i was wondering if that was proof that either my genetic father was a rogue Jedi, like a dark jedi or sith, or if my mom had anyone related to her that could pass that power on.

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