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((I think I mentioned this but if not sorry. Heimdall gave everyone a room. Each room has medical equipment stored in cabinets. Since I think it is necessary so things don't get odd, Hal is in his room, asleep. Heimdall has been trying to get him to wake up. As soon as battledog posts we can go on. Untill then I think it would be safe to assume Hal either being asleep, or something. Also, most of the ship is locked, as it is an Aesirian ship minus crew quaters, Heimdall doesn't want people running over it))

Heimdall: Come out child. I know you are there. It is pointless to hide from a Vanir. Especially this one. I also know that your friend is just outside the door. Waiting for either me to open it.

*Turning the shipboard comm on*

Raschel, there are medical supplies in Orthos cabin. They are in the top right cabinet.

*Switching to the comm to standard*

Alys I know your tired and hungry. Your more then welcome to come aboard and rest, eat and talk to the jedi.

*turns in his chair, and directly faces Marin and stares at the child*

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