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((Battledog: Heimdall and the kid were in his quaters not the bridge, but that can be fixed)).

Heimdall: Finally. Come child.

*Heimdall grabs Marin, unlocks the door and shoves the kid through the door. Turns on a security system and locks the door. Speaking low enough so that only Miran can hear*

My job here is more important than your life or your friend's life. I will not hesitate to kill you if you threaten that job. Never enter my room again. Do you understand? and if you think I won't know if I'm not around, the ship is tracking everyone aboard and will alert me to any suspicious activities. So be good, and you can go back to what ever dimension you came from.

*The Marin nods in confirmation, and Heimdall releases him*

Now I'm going to the bridge, you can come or stay in the lounge.

*Hiemdall goes to the brige and waiting Hal's arrival. Hal arrives and give's Heimdall the disk*

About time.

Hal: I don't know who you are, just for the minute I'm going to trust you. Don't think for a second though that I'll drop my gaurd.

Heimdall: Same goes for you, for all I know this could be a trap.

*Inserts the disk, and transmitts the codes. After getting an acknowledge meant Heimdall heads towards the base*

We will be there land in a couple of minutes, please strap in. Hal you can take the copilots seat.

*Notices Hal's uniform*

Well well, I see what you were up to. Don't we look nice.

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