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Oh I'd boycott a JK game that didn't have Kyle as the protagonist at least for some of the episode. (as in MOTS, which was even better the third time I played through it recently, gosh those Sith temple locations were atmospheric.)

Kyle's the man! He's mah boy! He's the Jedi! Sort of. Everyone loves Kyle. And besides, he has yet to face the Yhuuzan Vong. Oh, and he has yet to go entirely grey. And he has yet to die. You could make a story about Kyle, and you could make it good, have no doubts. By golly gosh, Ben Kenobi was wandering around doing good when he was Alec Guinness' age! What's to stop Kyle? Eh?

And the story could start straight after JO finishes. Yers.

Oh who could ever dislike Kyle?

Actually I AM KYLE. Weren't expecting that, were you. Yep, I'm Kyle Katarn, and if they don't include me in the next game, I'm gonna sue their buttocks for breach of contract.

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