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i wish they would make things a bit more competitive. here is a list of a few things i wish would happen in a expansion pack.

slightly faster base force regen.

tweaking the force powers so that things are a bit more even (make absorb stop force pull and push more but cost more force, balance out heal, balance out drain, make lightning do more damage, make speed cost less, make rage cost more but increase the speed a bit more).

making the lightsaber more than a friggin glowstick/shield. i wouldnt even mind them upping the block rate as long as they upped the damage of the lightsaber alot too like fast does 60-75, med does 75-90 heavy does 90-125, lunge does 60 and penetrates defense, med special and dfa are both instant kills, backsweeps do 100 and hit only once, backstab does 120 and hits once. i think that this way people can still get a 'movie' type fight if they're good enough(since blocking rate will be increased even more) but the saber will also be useful as a weapon rather than a shield. i also think that defense should be slightly revamped so that heavy has a higher hit percentage than medium and so forth but as you put more points into block the blocking rate also increases. i think it's rather pathetic that throw does more damage than a light swing sometimes.

MORE MAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MORE CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MORE WEAPONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in anycase after starwars galaxies, most of the rpg people that wanna pretend they're a jedi will leave to play that game and hopefully this game will be able to get a bit more competitive without their constant bitching about nerfing this or that.

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