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Sorry heres my full bio

Name: Angel Corleone

Homeworld : Coruscant

Occupation : Jedi Mercenary

Age: 18

Species: Human

Current residence : Unknown

Gender : Male

Height : 6ft 4

Weight: 16 stone

Appearance : Blond braided hair all over. icy blue eyes. maroon and silver Jedi robes. silver lightsaber , leather jedi cloak.

Bio: Grow up in the lower levels of Coruscant , was discovered when he was 5 years old by Mace Windu, who was on the search for another Force sensitive child. Joined the mighty bear clan , within 1 year of joining the Jedi Order. Stayed until he was 8 when he was taken under the tutelage of Master Plo Koon. Developed new views on the Force , which his master disagreed with. By the time he was 15 the clone wars had finished ,and the Empire was forming. The Jedi purges quickly killed all but a little of his friends. He escaped thanks to a former navy captain , who hated the new way ......Hayden Tojari.

Tojair had a tiny bit of Force talent in him but not enough to do any real damage , so he became a ships captain. In their ship the Angel of Light they have travelled together for 3 years setting up bases on different planets , hoping for someone to come along and help them. When all else had failed they formed the Legions of The Force . A combined Jedi and Military group determined to help all those oppressed by the Empire. Also to help other jEDI AND KEEP THEM IN SAFEHOUSES WAS ANOTHER OF THEIR OBJECTIVES. bUT TO APPEAR AS A MERCENARY GROUP , THAT COULD BE HIRED TO DO COVERT MISSIONS AND SO ON.

Thus they have started to build up a reputation in the fairest districts of space.

With the rebels now in operations the LOF may have found some new allies.

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