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((OOS: Hold up.

A) Marin is a girl.

B) Marin was in the form of an animal. She can shapeshift. I had Aidan point that out in his thoughts. I guess I wasn't clear enough.

It can still work if Heimdall grabbed her animal form (she was clinging to the ceiling, not expecting him to look up), and the child Flax saw was Aidan [what did you think happened to him anyway? He seemed to have vanished ]. If the ship is tracking everyone, Heimdall could have seen Marin shapeshift.

Oh, and note that by "child" I mean about 15. That would actually be 30 for Aidan, since gargoyles age half the speed of humans))

*Heimdall drops Marin's animal morph and walks away down the hall. Marin waits till he is out of sight to demorph, even though the gesture is useless*

Aidan: *whispering* What just happened in there?!

Marin: He recognized me in morph. He says the ship is tracking everybody - he must've seen me change. He didn't even seem fazed - he just threated me and let me go.

Aidan: Why? What did you hear? Anything?

Marin: Yeah. But I have no clue what he was talking about. He was talking to some guy on a vidscreen. He said something about a crimson star and the galaxy being in danger. And he threatened to kill both of us if he caught me spying again.

Aidan: I'd like to see that creep try!

Marin: Shh! Do you realize how easily he could just space us? We don't know all of what's going on here. But I can tell you one thing...I think we picked the wrong universe to run away to.

Aidan: So do you think we know...go back?

Marin: No. No. I won't go back...we don't even have a place left to go back to...where would we go? What would we do? We might as well just give ourselves back to the slavers, if we go back there.

Aidan: I don't get it. All the info on this dimension said it wasn't a bad place to be. But we get here,'s...

Marin: Yeah...I know what you mean. Well...there's just one thing to do. We'll get off this ship as soon as possible, and use the portal for another universe...and pray it's a better one than this.

Aidan: I'll go charge the thing then. I think we're almost to wherever we're going.


Misae: *taken aback* Testing? ...Training? Listen ah...I'm not even a fully trained Jedi. And my master has just...died...

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