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((Remember Heimdall is around 300 years old, so everone on the ship is a child to him (which is why you see him refer to your characters as children ect). Especially a 15 year old. I knew Marin could change shapes, you just didn't give her one, so I wasn't about to do it for you. But that is just minor details))

*Heimdall's ship and the Jedi Starfighter approach the station. Eventually they enter a large docking bay. Heimdall smoothly sets the ship down*

Heimdall: Alright we've finally landed and it looks like we have a welcoming party.

*twelve armed guards walk into the docking bay*

I'm opening up the cargo bay so you can remove your X-wing. Shall we meet your friends.

*Heimdall opens the cargo bay doors, and extends the ramp. THen he and Hal leave the ****pit and head toward the lounge. Heimdall releases Irvine's restraints, then goes to where Raschel is tending to Orthos*

We at the base. hopefully they have a more extensive medical facility. Do you need anyhelp getting him off the ship?

*the rest of the group prepares to disembark*

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