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*Irvine gets up seemingly to do so with out any trouble, getss his gear back and walks down the coridor to the dock, getting away from everyone else, Irvine finaly falls over and hugs the walls for support, and all Irvine can give is a heavy, but not load, maon in pain...
Irvine turns himself so he's leaning his back to the wall, then proceeds to put his gear hoistered. Gives out a grunt, and stains back up, and walks off onto the docks... then notices the gaurds*

Irvine with a few blasters pionted at him: "Aw crap. If you people knew whom your point those at..."

*Irvine reachs for a lightsaber then starts to feel the pain killers he was given earilyer really start to wear off. Irvine feels a heavy dull pain in that arm, and Irvine ceased to move it from that position...*

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