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*Hal and the others decend the ramp, Hal walks over to Ivrine.*

Hal: What do you think you're playing at, Bantha fodda?

*Hal adresses the gaurds.* Disarn this one. As to the others:

*Gestures to Orthos and Raschel.* These two are NRI, the man needs to be taken to the Med Centre.*

*Two of the gaurds escort Raschel and Orthos to the Med Centre.*

*Gestures to Misae* She's a Jedi.

The other two I want tagged, so they can be tracked.

*Hal turns to Aly and Hiemdall.* Just an electronic wrist tag, it will alow us to track your movements, it's either that or an armed gaurd to follow you around. You are free to move about the base otherwise.

Got all that Sergant?

Troop Sergant: Yes Colonal Flax!

*Raised eyebrows.*

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