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((Battledog, you keep forgeting about the Miran, and Aidan. They exited the ship with the group, Heimdall would have made sure of that))

Heimdall: Let me have that

*takes the wrist tag from the guard, and proceeds to have the ship scan the tag*

Just making sure this is what you say it is. No offense but I don't trust you.

*The scan finishes and reports that is a simple electric tag*

Now if you'll excuse me, I want to get your x-wing out of my ship

*Heimdall enters the ship and goes to his room, looks through some draws until he finds a device that looks like a watch. Heimdall puts that on his wrist, then places the tag on his other arm*

Heimdall to self: Funny I didn't think I would need this thing, luckly I brought it along. Now I can nuetralize this tag if the need arises.

*Meanwhile a group of technicians remove Hal's x-wing from the cargo bay. Heimdall goes to the bridge and seeing that the x-wing was removed closed the cargo bay doors. Making one final check to make sure everyone was gone, Heimdall sets the security systems, exits the ship. From the outside he retracts the boarding ramp, and locks the ship up*

Heimdall to Hal: I warn you now, if any of your people try to enter my ship, they will be killed by the automated defense systems. Now I'm betting you want to debrief us.

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