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cool npc fights!

using the npc spawn thing. some interesting fights to try on the duel_training map (where you first saw the jedi trainee's etc fighting at the academy)

you + luke + jedi vs desann.....fairly easy to win...but you can lose just as to keep on him with the others and dont let them be fightin him one on if you get knocked down get back in there fast. He is tough he takes em all on! its cool

you + luke vs desann....gets harder now. i thought luke kinda sucked...1-1 desann kicks his ass 99 percent of the time....with lightening et all...but luke is still a pretty good fighter. this one is fun.

you + jedi vs desann... now this one is real hard. its really hard to beat desann 1-1 without quicksaving everytime u get in an ideal blow....this one is hard to beat...both of you have to keep on him...only jumping away when hes hammering you.

all of them make for interesting battles.
to spawn npc's see the jedi faq by mathew rorie...

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