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New picture from Roger Foodbelly!

Hello all of you.
Our background leader has finished a new screenshot at the same location, only better.

This one has more detail to it, as opposed to the last one's sketchy look. He also tried to attain a more magical atmosphere.

The camera will stay a couple of seconds on the sky, pan down in like 2 seconds and then stay on the bottom for a while. So, there is very little detail in the middle of the image and it's not very impressive - don't mind it. No difference will be seen in-game though. It goes from simple and cold to detailed and warm.

He would mainly want opinions on the style. How do you like the detailed look? Would you prefer a more loose style like in the previous version? All comments are very welcome though. Lighting, mood, composition, colors, anything! But the main issue is the style as for now.

The image: http://adventurepit.adventuredevelop...troscreen.html

I would strongly recommend downloading the file on your computer and viewing it in full-screen though. You can then scroll down and see how it would look like in the game. Most importantly, you will see all the details that won't be seen in browser window (if you haven't adjusted this). I think it has lots to do with how you like it. Seeing the 'big picture' isn't the purpose of this background.

Thanks in advance, and we appreciate all comments.

Atle Ragnar Jarnæs Lerøy | Gamedeveloper

Runestone Entertainment

Stay tuned. Soon Launched.
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