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Originally posted by Psychobobvr21
So far what i have seen of pro mod it is great.......
However no one seems to be playing it when i am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been running a server the for the last few days:

"Duel Sabre/NF ProMod"

Since then the log shows that around 700+ clients trying to connect but almost all of them either have autodownload disabled, an unpure pak file, don't want to wait thru the download(maxrate set to 60,000) or some other unkown problem. About 3 players have connected properly so far .

Then there are those who connect but time-out after a whole lot of "Warning: MSG overflow for Xplayer" messages. About two dozen client have fallen to this fate thus far. Not sure what to make of it .

I've been waiting around the server for victims, but few have yet fallen into my web.

But if I'm not there, then take on Tavion if you think you can handle her.

p.s. make sure to enable dismember
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