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Originally posted by The Master
If you must know, I will list the consequences:

1. You will be enslaved by me.
2. You must obey my every whim.
3. You must eat 15 cans of spam a day.
4. You must run around like a lunatic in cloths of the opposite gender.
5. You will suck on a raw egg for a day with out cracking the shell.
6. Drink a combination of Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, Sprite, Coca Cola, and Pepsi with 20 disolved Skittles.
7. You must listen to an album of bag pipe music.
8. Tip a cow.
9. Lick my boots clean.
10. This consequence will be decided on depending who you are.

i'd feel sorry for the bastard that would have to follow the list

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