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Problems with AI bots in Mulitplayer

Okay, it all turns into a mess.

For example, I setup a Team FFA map with a `red` team of Vader, Maul and ShadowTrooper and a `blue` team of myself, Luke and Kyle.

The first time I play the map it seems to work alright but when the match ends and restarts suddenlu all the AI bots names are messed up and some are on the wrong team. I found myself fighter Luke and Kyle even though they were on my team before, and also their names were wrong - when I killed Luke it said I had killed Vader?

I`m quite new to the game so could somebody tell me why this happens and if it is a normal problem. It just seems a bit pointless setting specific blue and red teams when the game decides to change them all around and load the wrong names for the models etc.




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