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Ok i aint read all of this thread.

Spinning DFA? No big deal easy to avoid.

DFA leaves you too vulnerable? NOPE, not if you do it at the right time.

Spinning backstabs? LMFAO this is a joke yeah?

Speeding up yellow stance? Sounds good, spinning moves are far too vulnerable in beta 2.

OK if this mod is for the 'Above average' (LOL) players why not make the strikes so you have to get an absolutely perfect hit to get full damage. IE set damage for a Red swing at between 1 and 90 hp. 1hp for a scratch, 90 if you get a real corker of a hit that sinks in right the way up to the hilt. Damage should be dependent on the quality of the hit not just whether or not it actually touches.

A note to Artifex:-

Watch out man, this is stared to sound like the mod is heading for dangerous waters man, sounds like all the lamers want you to add all the wack moves again, the ones that nobody that plays well wanted to start with!!!

Also make sure you leave the server side damage scale enabled so that those that like to play for fun can tweak just a little!!!

Peace & Ting

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