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I am losing hope in this community. The point is to make a Mod that is for the BEST players and I am given spamming concerns?

Some of you still haven't realized the double fixes you are advocating. If you can block a DFA then you don't need it nerfed. If you can't be draged down then you don't need a nerfed BS. How can you not see that?


its a simple concept...or at least I thought it was.
Fatal, I am a little late in this thread but I need to tell you that you are the f**king man. You are always right on the money with your views on JK2. I totally agree with everything you are saying. I just wish more people couldsee the light. They ruined JK2 for me when they nerfed it to make it noob freindly.

I have stopped playing JK2 for a while in favor or SOF2 for now. If anyone thinks JK2 attacks are too strong they should try this game. Sometimes you get killed and you never even saw your attacker and had no idea where he was. SOF2 is not noob freidly at all and that's great. It took me a while to get good at it but its worth it.

Every patch for SOF2 had made the game better with more weapons and more ways to kill. It is funny how the same company could be so wrong about one game and so right about another.
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