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Actually, the damage ramping system started in 1.03 already does that. Damage is scaled based on how close to the "power" segment of the swing animation you are (usually half way through) when you connect.
Some more questions.

Does this also mean that the power segment of the swing (ver 1.03, 1.04) directly correlates with the CSC aim at high value?.... been trying to explain this mod to others and some gripe that you shouldn't have to aim a saber to hit. I usually explain to them, on pure assumption, that the basic version of the game already has a sweet spot on the swing and that the CSC correlates to this. But I'm only assuming this to be the case. I also assume that the CSC has to achieve good aim at the moment of contact during a saber attack and not during the entire swing, thus you can initiate the attack facing any direction ( the risk of poor defense value).

I've been playing a bit now and its my opinion that the damage values are spot on. 1-1.5 clean hit with red stance, 2-3 clean hits with yellow-stance, and a few more for blue-stance. These are clean hits; with the excellent defense system an engagement lasts far longer than just a few saber swings.

Defense is almost perfect. One thing that I'm not certain about is when two players swing almost simultaneously (and sabers do not come in contact with each other); player1 hits first then player2's swing continues thru to hit. Maybe the CSC values could do a check in this situation and if player1 has the appropriate value then a block or "jammed" attack occurs. Currently the player with the stronger attack but not the first attack wins the engagement. Its the evolution of broadsword to rapier issue, the broadsword has the power but during the broadsword wind-up the rapier was penetrating gaps in armor, piercing vital organs and cutting arteries. Basically adding a provision where you could "beat some one to the punch" with a quick successful attack.

Something else to consider may be to add a knock-down from a perfect redstance hit that is just barely blocked.

Has the backstab aiming arc been changed? They seem harder to execute. Adding a small arch of rotation to DFA and backstab would discourage script users from using the Blender-Backsweep but also allow a degree of aiming to occur. Currently Backsweeps/stabs aren't viable attacks.

Anyway, great work so far.


Every patch for SOF2 had made the game better with more weapons and more ways to kill. It is funny how the same company could be so wrong about one game and so right about another
It is Lucas Arts that has final cut on JK2 content. Raven is a subcontractor.

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