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New DJC Server!!!

Just to let everyone know that the DJC now have a decent rented FFA server. The server runs Vulcanus admin and all are welcome as long as they follow the "No attacking unarmed and typing" rule. Other than that the only rule is to respect other players. There are no restrictions on playing style other than the aforementioned rules.

We are trying to get decent players to visit who are happy to follow the rules and play in a friendly environment. We are trying to create a relaxed FFA environment (If that is possible) where those who want to fight can and those who want to chill out and chat can as well.

We have had a few troublemakers and chatkillers since it opened but the more honourable players who come in, the less these troublemakers will feel welcome. The server is usually pretty busy in the evening (UK Time) so you are guaranteed people to play against.

Its a Barrysworld rented server so pings are very good for UK players and also decent for European players.

The address is:

BarryServer - DJC Temple Grounds

Hope to see you there :-)
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