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Originally posted by Aoshi
lolz detritic is the most respected map maker in the competitive ctf jk2 community... or what's left of it anyways. i'll be listening in to his opinion as will members of every other major CTF competitive clan out there.
I can certainly understand your reasoning for your statement based on the fact you play CTF competitivly online. However, you are WAY off topic. DeTRiTiC-iQ's CTF map doesn't even support bots. The topic was about CTF maps that bots play well on.

This was posted for people who have problems getting online to play CTF, don't like playing online due to the a$$holes, who dont play competitively or just prefer playing against bots.

CTF is my favorite gametype so I am sorry to here the CTF competitive community is dwindling. I am not a Clan based competitive CTF player. I can hardly ever find an decent open to the public non clan run CTF server. Therefore I was happy to find some great CTF maps that bots play well on. Believe it or not, there are lots of people who enjoy this game outside of clan based competitive play.

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