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Originally posted by DeTRiTiC-iQ
Bespin Towers was my first ever map using the engine, I wasn't even planning to release it, until I was threatened with torture. Nobody has been able to get botroutes working for it, even Takimoto (author of Artus Geothermal), simply due to the unusual layout. However my newer map will have bot support, even though I think bots are worse than even the worst beginners.
Thanks for your reply!

Bespin Towers is an awesome CTF map. It's unique and the fast and furious action it allows is wonderful. I love the design! I cant wait for you to release your new map!

I can understand your feeling about bots, but some people that love this game, due to their internet connection or a variety of other reasons, are limited to playing against bots or single player.
I have two close friends that fall into that catagorie.

I am currently getting a Linux box with a T1 connection set up for A dedicated JKII CTF server. Your CTF map will definately be on it. I just hope that CTF makes a comeback outside of clan competition play.

Oh and btw, thanks for making such great maps that allow us all to have so much fun!

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