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From a few messages further up...

If you want your backstab/sweep to do lots of damage but not descend into pull+backsweep fights, you could tweak it such that in MP, Force Pull does not pull people towards you. You could make it like JK1 where it pulls the gun out of someone's hand, and you could keep it as a way to counteract push, but it wouldn't pull people towards you or knock them over.

Extreme, but problem solved. You keep the sabre as a dangerous weapon, and you don't have pull+backstab spamming.

However, the overall problem was that backstabs/sweeps were a more efficient and easier way of getting a kill than attacking front/side on - so you just need to make other attacks more effective and backsweeps a little more difficult, and then there's less incentive to use them.

But yeah - massively bump up the sabre damage.
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