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Originally posted by GonkH8er

I highly doubt it will be called revenge of the gonks, even though I did kill a lot of the little bastards.

and you'll have to update me on my acronyms.... this one eludes me
RMG - Random Map Generator.

The technology that Raven innovated into Soldier of Fortune II that allows you to select some settings (or even input a 'seed' value) and it will generate a mission with a map. The missions are basically a medium-sized level (they mainly take <30 minutes) and are pretty fun. It is a decent way of extending Single Player.

I would love to see that implemented into a JK expansion - small missions where you would choose to play a Jedi or Dark Jedi or Merc, and choose your terrain, indoors/outdoors, and mission type. Perhaps as a Dark Jedi you'd have to eliminate a light jedi or something ...


(Sorry, I work in the semiconductor industry, which is overly acronym-laden ... so I immediately adapt to new acronyms ...)

Dopelar effect (n.) The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.
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