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Originally posted by GonkH8er
oh, yeah

*slaps head*

of course

gazes into 8-ball of truth.

"Will the expansion have an RMG?"


"Outlook not so good"

Thanks ... my 8-ball kept coming up with " How the f... should I know?"

Too bad, really - I figured with the LucasArts / Raven connection, there was a 50% chance. However, I do know that the RMG was a major stumbling block in getting SoFII out the door. And it is a fairly simple (especially simple since I didn't have to code it ) inplementation there ... maps are all outdoors and look and feel fairly similar. But it is fun.

I can only imagine that the coding hurdles of taking on added modes - different characters, for one, would require adapting enemies, as a Merc mode with a half-dozen Reborn to face would be an exercise in ... well, repeated death.

Thanks again GonkH8er!


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