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Hal: Because you have a destiny.

*Hal enters the Medical centre, now wearing his battered flight suit again.*

Hal: Since you can't come to the de-briefing the Admiral will come to you.

*A flippered hand grasped the door frame and was followed by a clinical white uniform and a fish like head.*

Ackbar: We do not have time for pleasantries, the situation is dire. Already the Empire has direct control over 75% of the remaining galaxy.

*The group then relate their misadventures as the Admiral listens, when they finished he stands.*

Ackbar: We cannot alow the Empire to maintain a hold on the Capital. We do not have the resources for a full frontal assult, nor can we aford the casualties such an action would incur. We when we make our move we will need to preapare the ground first. It is currently impossible to get into Correscant, so your imformation and the recordings from your ships will be invaluable.

Hal: Sir, I suggest we move as quickly as possible, before the Empire manages to strengthen their defences further. We won't be able to pull my trick twice.

Ackbar: All in good time Colonel.

*The Admiral leaves.*


1. Admiral, could you add sarcasm tags next time, it just seemed like Heimdall was being dense.

2.What d'you think of my Ackbar impressions, I think I have his dialect down pretty well ))

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