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Name: Ethan Johnson
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 6' 1"
Appearance: Dirty- blonde hair; Blue Eyes; Wears: Black Pants, Black Shirt, Black Robe w/ Hood worn up usually.
Occupation: Dark Jedi

Growing up in the streets of Theed for all his life doing nothing but stealing and killing Womp Rats, Ethan Johsnon has been in a lot of trouble. Living a life of crime, he planned his future as a bounty hunter or smuggler. Than one day, while he was pick- pocketing a stranger he was tossed back by an unexplainable force gaven off by the person. The person, later to be found out as Master Pantar Masun, saw an unbelievable amount of Force Sensitivity and taught him the ways of the Force and how to become a Jedi. At the end of his trials, he was raised up in rank from Padawan to Jedi. He traveled around for a few months until one day he goes to a space port at Mos Eisley and comes face to face with Darth Vader, who tells him about the wonders of going Dark. Ethan had heard the terms "Dark Jedi" before but never understood them. Vader tells him that he can train with him, and eventually, become the next Sith Lord. Without a doubt, Ethan goes to Pantar Masun and tells him that he will not be required anymore, for he has found a new trainer. Masun is furious when he hears about Vader and goes to the Death Star to avenge. But as Pantar is about to enter Vader's lair, Ethan walks out and without a word draws his double- bladed red lightsaber. The two duel until Ethan kicks Pantar to the floor and ends him off. Now, unburdened by his Light Jedi past, and only concentrating on the Dark Side, Ethan Johnson will stop at nothing to rid of the rest of the Light Jedi's aside with a few Bounty Hunter's, Jabba's Faction, and Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine themselves.

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