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A game has been out six months, gets great reviews and high sales, ahd has a decent mod community, and you say its dead?

Seems to me like a lot of you guys are in denial about it. Heck, Aliens Vs Predator 2 forums are more active than this and that game has been around 6 months longer than JK2.
Yeah, I guess AvP2 is so much more successful, oh wait, AvP2 had a recent expansion pack released. Well when JK2 gets its expansion, then we'll talk about the AvP2 forums. ; )

Incidentally, the Doom community is still thriving.. due in large part to the release of the sources... several years after Doom/2 were totally obsolete technologically. They even re-released the games in stores (probably to hype up Doom3, but still).

If people want to believe the game is dead, fine... move along. Let the rest of us enjoy it while we can. The game isn't dead for the rest of us who are still playing and making mods!
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