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Character data bank

Hopefully this will be stickied...

This is where you can post your character's for future reference.
I'll post mine-

Tyrion Strife

A young man,not knowing who he truely is. He was self raised. He doesnt have connections to the force,but he has access to some strange spiritual magic,called Mana. With mana,he can have a better fighting style than someone using the force. He can also summon creatures of fantasies, and can create bursts of elemental powers. He still has alot to learn though,as he is only 13.


Mana Blade(A.K.A. Mana Sword)- Made of mithril and combined with mana,this weapon can tear through flesh like butter. Not rivaling lightsabers though,but it is truely a fearsom weapon.

Large shield pack

Stahm- A ancient armor,forged by the Massani. It can deflect solid attacks fairly easily,and blaster shots are reflected off of it.




Jump= force jump 2
summon chocobo

Picture of Tyrion Strife

Edit-drag the link to the address bar.

oops..he does look kinda big for a 13 year old..

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