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Originally posted by StormHammer
I filled in that form about Jedi Outcast and the possibility of another in the series.

I definitely think there should be a JKIII...and it's good to see they are getting feedback now, because I would truly hope they spent a great deal more development time on another installment in the series.

Don't get me wrong, I think Raven did an exemplary job in the development time available for Jedi Outcast...but the game did have issues, including some very noticeable bugs.

I would hope that another game in this series was given at least a 2 year development cycle, so in those terms, concepts need to be thrashed out soon to come up with a game profile, so we can have another game in around 3 years. And although JO looks great and plays great, I still think it would be even better in a different engine, possibly the newest build of the Unreal engine. I'm not so sure about DOOM III, which from what I've read around the net seems to be focusing more on cramped and atmospheric interior levels. Star Wars games definitely have to have expansive outside areas with really long drops to play around in.

In the meantime, work should probably also begin on an expansion to JO, to keep the game current, add new features, maps, game modes, etc., and basically keep the game on the map and in gamer's minds. The last thing I want is to wait another 4 years plus for another game in this series.
Hmmm ...

Are you referring to SP or MP? What very noticable bugs?

As for the engine, remember what was being said about the Q3 engine right up until JKII? It couldn't handle significant outdoor environments? Even despite RtCW and MoH - it was JKII that finally shut people up. Not disagreeing - I just think that it is too early to tell. It will also depend on the team used to develop the next game.

I definitely agree with the expansion ideas. But I wonder how much can be implemented/changed in terms of SP? Can they add Force Powers? Make it more RPG again? Or just a set of levels? And what for MP?


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