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I like that suggestion about the swing vs swing.

Although, it's true that faster stances would get preference because they'd just cancel out heavy swings if they hit.

What if getting hit would jostle your aim a bit, affect the other persons csc.

We know that in this game red beats blue, yellow beats red, blue beats yellow... yada yada yada. But there are situations where red doesn't just beat blue, but completely outclasses it. A person can use a blue lunge, but rather than be rewarded for outmaneuvering the opponent and striking first, he gets slammed, and being stuck in an animation, there's nothing he can do.

If you could have an effect where getting pecked to death would effect your csc values a bit, i think that would give more of an incentive for players to be careful when doing swings. Blue stance would effectively become a counter system, and have the ability to snuff attacks quite well, pending you're both kind of trading hits.

This is the nature of fighting in general, so to speak, pending you do something painful enough. I think a lightsaber is.

Oh, and why don't you just fess up and tell us all what this new force power thing is.
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