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Name: Minion

Race: Wookie

Story: As an infant, Minion was stolen from his family and town by slavers before he could be given a name. When the slavers chose to sell him at auction, a passing Dark Jedi Adept recognized his force potential and snatched him up. Delivered to an uncharted planet in the wildlands, a dark Jedi master raised Minion in the ways of the Dark Side. Augmented by both the force and cybernetic implants and trained in the use of both the lightsabre and most manners of weapons, Minion served as his masters personal bodyguard before he grew weary of a life of servitude. He cut down his master, destroyed his palace, and set out among the stars on a stolen Skipray Blastboat.

Size: 7'2

Weight: 450 lbs

Black Fur

- Heavy Blaster Rifle, modified
- Disruptor pistol hidden under fur.
- Modified Lightsabre. In accord of his size, the sabre hilt itself is larger and the blade wider and longer than normal.
-Thermal Detonators
- A droid brain hangs at hip and translates his speech into a deep, metallic voice.
Misc. Info:
Minion has several cybernetic augmentations. They are as follows...
- His entire left arm, lost in a "lesson" taught to him at an early age, has been replaced by a mechanical prosthetic. This arm is approximatley twice as strong as the right arm, and has a mirrorized palm, allowing Minion to deflect blast bolts with his bare hand. His right hand has the same plate in the palm. This has saved Minion from many a surprise attack, when a lightsabre was not in reach.

- His right eye has been replaced with a mechanical eye, with a direct input into his brain. This allows Minion to see in virtually the entire light spectrum, as well as into fractal space (a dark force augmentation). The eye glows a soft red.

- Due to various chemical experiments at an early age, Minion has strength many times that of a normal wookie. This, combined with Dark Side and cybernetic augmentation, make Minion a titan when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. He made a name for himself in the Outer Rim as a gladiator battling wild rancors with just a vibroaxe.

Average force powers: Grip, push/pull, jump (cannot jump as high as some, due to his enormous weight). Level 1 lightning.

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