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((It wasn't. *copies*


Dad: *Grabs onto his wife and cowers in a corner*
Mom: *Holds her little Kenny protectively*
*Ken'atra looks at his parents and anger swells up inside of him. How dare these creatures scare his parents like that?! He looks at the one that spoke to him. The Time Matrix...perhaps if he jumped again then these strangers would follow him. While backing away from the winged one he closes his eyes. He needs a planet. Any planet will do! Just get these people away from his parents! Everything around him starts to dissolve and moments later he is on yet another planet*


*Rwos realized what Ken'atra was doing as he did it, and lunged for him. His hand closed on empty air.

The landscape changed. Cracken appeared ten feet from him. The others were out of sight, due apparently to the random quality of the Time Matrix' pull.

Irvine and the Revenant Deac had been left behind. And Ken'atra was nowhere to be seen.*

((OOS: Scar, to spell this out, Irvine, Revenant, and Ken'atra's family are still on Raynor. ))

It happened in those posts.

Oh, Death won't be able to reply today - so hold off on trying to end the RPG, please ))

Rwos: Ken'atra, please end this. We are your only hope to save your family. You don't know how to stop the Holocaust yourself, do you?

*Ken'atra seemed paralyzed. Rwos waited for an answer.*

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