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Name: Rasuur Glil
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Homeworld: Naboo
Profession: Dark Jedi Knight
Master: Drekr Spondi

Appearance: Rasuur has a stout, sinewy frame and taut musculature. He stands at a somewhat average human height, with long, graceful limbs. His sable hair is jaw-length, layered and somewhat shaggy. He is almost always clean shaven. Pale brown eyes underscore his strong, confident brow. Glil wears a dark gray tunic accented by thick, navy blue robes which hang loosely about his body. He brandishes a single blue-bladed light sabre which he built only months before his fall.

Introductory Bio: Rasuur Glil, or "Ras" (pronounced like the beginning of "ras"pberry) to his many acquaintances, was born to a wealthy merchant house in Naboo. He was raised in a seaside villa near the bustling city of Theed for the first two years of his life. On Rasuur's 2nd birthday, a Jedi Knight going by the name of Drekr Spondi arrived at House Glil and revealed himself as Rasuur's true, biological father. Two years prior, during a diplomatic visit to Naboo, Drekr feel in love with Mrs. Glil, a lascivious young maiden, the mother of Rasuur and the wife of Rasuur's assumed father, Cromlin. Drekr could not control his lust for the young lady, and together they carried on a passionate tryst, unbeknownst to others of the Glil house.

Drekr, being stricken with guilt and self-depreciation for bastardizing an innocent child, returned to Naboo to admit his wrong-doings to Cromlin, and place himself at the mercy of House Glil. Cromlin, loving Rasuur more than any non-familial bonds could constrict, suspected that the only way to redeem this precarious situation was to send the child with Drekr to be raised by his true father of birthright. The Jedi Knigth was, at first, extremely reluctant, for as previous events have shown, he was prone to fits of passionate flight and adventure. A child, he conjectured, would have no room to grow in such a fast-paced existence. Cromlin, understanding the wishes of the errant Jedi, and realizing that Rasuur could have a normal life being separated by parsecs of space from his true father, implored Drekr to at least look at the child once before going. When the Knight examined young Rasuur, he felt the force teeming from the infant's every pore. Drekr agreed to take the child, on the condition that he would be allowed to train him to be a Jedi Knight. Cromlin and his buxom wife agreed. Shortly after Drekr's arrival at Naboo, he departed with Rasuur to his home planet of Coruscant, where the infant Glil would spend the majority of his young life.

Of Drekr and Rasuur's adventures--and Rasuur's eventual involvement in the Galactic Civil War on the side of the Rebellion--are stories better suited for another time.

Rasuur Glil
Prodigal Son of Naboo

"Let them hate, so long as they fear."
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