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Darth Groovy

Name: Darth Groovy

Race: Zabrak

Occupation: Arts and music instructor at LucasForums Jedi Academy


Darth Groovy was the outcast of a botched expirement performed by scientists contracted by the evil Darth Sideous, to create a clone army of Sith Warriors from the tissues donated by his former apprentice, Darth Maul. He has no memory of his birth or where he came from. Groovy's pod crash landed on forest planet of Oriden, homeplace of the LucasForums Jedi Academy. Darth Groovy, wandered into the Academy and was attacked by Obi-Wan 13 who had mistaken him for the legendary Darth Maul. To his surprise Groovy tossed his saber and surrendered to Obi-Wan who nearly beheaded him. Obi-Wan13 developed a new found respect for the mysterious zabrak and allowed him to join the Academy. Groovy slowly ascended the ranks through many battles with the evil Sith Academy(see Academy Wars), and currently remains a teacher of arts and music at the Academy. Although Groovy never takes it seriously, and has no memory of any prior training, his skills with the ancient double bladed lightsaber are matched only by whitedragon who is the current saber trainer at LFJA. Darth Groovy is also very agile, acrobatic and skilled in universal martial arts.
Unlike Darth Maul, Groovy is more outspoken, whitty, full of dry humor and popular with most of the younger students. Darth Groovy has a sincere interest in the liberal arts which over some time has become somewhat of a joke among teachers. Although Darth Groovy dresses in the traditional black robes of the Sith and posseses many Sith powers, Groovy has sworn his life to the protection and future of the LucasForums Jedi Academy.


This double bladed saber is sometimes used as a single saber with only one end ignited, giving the illusion of a menacing long hilt, which often strikes fear into his enemies.

Smoke Spheres
These spheres he carries in a pouch within his tunic. As discovered by many galactic magicians, when these spheres are hurled to the ground and broken, certian gases escape which when mixed with oxygen creates the illusion of smoke or ghosts. These often come in handy in his no escape situations. A vapor of distracting smoke can often give him just enough time to get away quickly.

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