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Abuse of "saber down"

Hi guys,

As you all know, It has now become general practice to not kill people who have their saber down.

Personally I generally stick to this rule, although I completely disagree with it as too many people are abusing it.

The saber down rule, as I see it, is to let people who are playing on FFA, travel to a place to meet someone for a duel. Or to show that they are open for duelling, which is fine in my book.

However I am seeing far too many people who are taking advantage of honerable people like ourselves by attacking while their saber is down.

For example, You see someone, saber down, so you dont attack them and run on past, as you do they push you off a ledge, or lightning you from behind, or, one annoying git I had the displeasure of fighting kept kicking, with his saber down.

Of course some people simply use this tactic to let you get close, then open with a powerfull strike.

One guy on a bespin server last night stood, saber down, on the shield spawn spot. I wanted the shield as much as he did but I cant get at it without breaking my honor code and killing him.

Anyway, bringing my rant to a close, does anyone agree with me, or do you think these are valid tactics?

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