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Name: Stryder

Race: Human

Some say if he would have been trained early he could have been a jedi, has one of the quickest reflexes of any non-jedi. Is currently builing a proto-type gun, when he finishes it will be one of the most powerfulest in the universe.

Weapons: Only uses the gun he makes him self, he can not trust for his weapons to be any less then perfect. Currently uses a weapon he has not named yet(i just can't think of anme right now), it resembles a moden time assult rifle but with much more accuracy and power. He has developed hsi own type of lasers, he calls them photon-lasers. They are much more powerful and have more pierce effect.

Armor: Heavy armor that can with stand many direct laser hits. It is all black but can be put in to "camo-mode" to blend in with surroundings. He is currentey trying to develop an armor that will with stand the most powerful weapon, a lightsaber, but it seems impossible.

Skills: Is very intelligent and can build many things. Has good battling stratiges and tactics. With his sqaud of elite soldiers and their high-tech weapons and armors, even the sith do not take them for granted.

Past: Was once an assasin, killed people just for the fun. It finally got to him and he stopped. He then joined the academy to try to reddem him self. He has noew used his great intelligence and skills to good use for the Academy.

(if you think of a good name i could call my weapon thingy, just pm or what ever, i would greatly appreciate it)

edit: if you want i can like compile all of these or soemthing, if you want me to tell me if so i can start now and not when there is like 500 of them

veni, vedi, vici

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