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Name: ASk

Race: outcast Wookie

Story: Even though he has a dark past that nobody knows of, he became known when he brute-forced his way into the ranks of the Dark Sided sith. While having no ability with the actual force, his supreme handling of the rare Brute Force powers make him a worthy opponent

Weapons: Brute Force and more Brute Force

Skills: m4d k0d3r - ability to confuse the opponent to death by his "1337" k0d1ng skills.
Brute Force - able to break through any protection, when given sufficient time to do so (complex protections can take a few weeks to break through)
Hug - Don't you all like when a Wookie hugs you? Don't you like to listen to your own bones crushing?
There is no Spoon: A recently mastered and very potent skill. When used, all spoons in the nearest (about 2-3 lightyears) vicinity are destroyed. (Please file all complaints for destroyed objects at the Wookies Ltd. star postage address)

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