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Name: Irvine Cracken sry too meny odd-balled characters i just had to add him ^_^
(this is the one after c7, but just a copy of IRvine, cus othen then his bio, his true identify wont be revealed cus this one wont link with the others AND it will not affect any other threads, so the one i'm attempting to start wont have any thing to do this one, nor vise versa.
i only added him cus this ones just more cooler and theres still jedi in this time (so irvine can interact wiht other jedi ))

Bio: [color]just read my early posts in that thread ^_^[/color]

Duel Blue LightSabers, which was forged my his Father and prefect doublicates only but of what color crystal is used.
Skill with weapon: scary with one, insane with both, worthy enough with any lightsaber duel

Force abilities: due to Irvine self training himself and sharing hi abilities with others whom self trained, Irvine has different abilties then what is triditionaly trained
Force Strength: level 3: Irvine's key techinque
^ Irvine has created all three levels of this ability, what this does is enhance the phsyical strength of the one who uses it
Force speed: Level 2
^ enhances the rate with the mind and body move and think
Force phych: level 2
^ telepathic abilities: includes force throw, push, grab and grip
3 form: level 1
^ Irvine learned this through a another person who self trained. This ability transforms the person into three forms: a form thats a complete opposite (where the person natually stands on either is he good or bad, is mirrored (meaning if he's good he's bad, but only depending how good or bad he is), a form which is a completely Light version (completely good uses the triditional light powers all the way), and its counter part one thats completely dark (just the opposite of the light version). Each form having 1/3 of the total power that of the original had
^ due to the low level Irvine can only do it for a short time, but Irvine never uses it
Holy Judgement:
^ co-created with the rest of the self-teached, this ability uses up 80% of the caster's life energy and force powers for the time being (so one shot is all you have, before you pass out), the energy goes into created a ball of energy, and stops the one being casted at (cant move). what happeneds is that the caster calls upon the dead jedi to pass judgement on the casted. If he's worthy, he lives unharmed, if is not worthy, he dies instantly. Irvine never had the need to do this...
Standing on dark/light allience:
  Light Dark
btw: this just a character bank where nothng happens, and people's bio's are added, if im correct ^_^

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