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Originally posted by Guardian Omega

To Spider-AL: Well I did, look at my last post.
I fear I must assume by default that any apology/request for forgiveness that is closely followed by an image of a little yellow face poking its tongue out at me, is not sincere. An 'A' for effort though. Oh wait, that begins with an 'E'...

Originally posted by Guardian Omega

And I am curious to see how saber vs. gun in 1.02 is still practically the same in 1.04, I think the saber dm is higher, yes? Tell me that and I'll withdraw, since I am now just curious about that.
Well I'm glad you asked. The definitive answer is this: Sabre damage would have to increase to instant-kill proportions for the sabre-only player to ever rival the gunner for kills, and killing power. Quite simply, unless you get the drop on a gunner and kill him in the first hit, as I sometimes manage to do with the current sabre damage, you're dead. Only by making every heavy hit an instant-kill could the sabreists rival gunners.

Now the real difference between 1.02 and 1.04 vis-a-vis sabres is the removal of the swivelling of the DFA move. In 1.02, one was able to swivel from side to side and deal damage in a big circle, AFTER the move had come to a stop. In other words, very buggy. Now, this meant that sabreists killed proportionately more gunners in 1.02 than they do now in 1.04. But quite frankly, the buggy DFA was making duel servers and indeed sabre-only FFA, a one-move-only affair, and I don't think any of us bought JO to play "Pong" with better graphics.

But the fact remains that even with one-hit-kill moves all over the place, DFAs, backswing combos in 1.03 etc... Gunners still won every guns FFA they played in. Even with the ammo consumption ramped stupidly high in 1.03, gunners still won. 1.03 was perhaps the version most biased in favour of lightsabre-only fanatics, and one could construct a pretty solid argument for the case that there's a huge difference between 1.03 and 1.04,..

But 1.02 and 1.04 had basically the same ammo consumption and the rarely used pull/DFA combo in 1.02 was harder to pull off than the oft-used pull/BS combo in 1.03, so I have no qualms about saying that the gun/sabre balance in 1.02 was quite comparable to the gun/sabre balance in 1.04.

I hope that answers your question.

Originally posted by Jah Warrior

LOL he'll never show up, I challenged him and he chickened out.
Well that's up to him. He has decided to challenge me, I've named my haunts and accepted. Now whether he chooses to seek me out or not is his affair. If he is- as you say- a coward, it will become clear over the course of the next week. I'll be playing for at least 45 minutes every night this week on the servers I've listed above, for anyone who wants a game. [FW] Spider AL, for those that need a complete string.

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